How housing can drive systemic reform : Shelter WA's Pre-Budget Submission

Shelter WA’s Submission, in advance of the 2018/19 State Government budget, provides the Western Australian Government with a comprehensive plan to use housing to drive whole of government systemic reform so that all people living in WA can thrive.  

The submission demonstrates how housing investment facilitates better service delivery, will deliver on election commitments and critically deliver budget repair by maximising social housing assets and current government investment.

Recommendations are contained under four pillars: 1. Planning for housing affordability and ending homelessness; 2 Boosting affordability housing supply, facilitating investment and a more responsible housing market: 3. Metronet and urban planning reform; and 4. Making rental more secure. Key to this is a tenancy, property tax and urban planning reform, and optimising current government investment enabling housing to deliver upstream solutions.

The submission also demonstrates how the community housing sector is a key part of the social and affordable housing system. This sector, by working with government and industry partners, and accessing new Commonwealth investment, can deliver the social and affordable housing outcomes sought by government at a reduced cost. Critical to this is the development of a community housing policy and growth strategy.

The Shelter Pre-Budget Submission provides policy responses that will address the housing affordability and homelessness challenges facing Western Australia.

Shelter WA’s recommendations were developed in consultation with our members and key partners. Shelter WA looks forward to working with government, the community sector and industry to advocate for policy settings and responses that will deliver affordable housing and end homelessness in Western Australia.

Read Shelter WA’s Pre-Budget Submission 2018/2019 


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