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The WA Housing Hub is an innovative online engagement platform designed to foster information sharing, generate discussion and promote collaboration and partnerships throughout the housing community. It also includes an online directory of housing and homelessness services and supports across WA to assist housing consumers and housing practitioners. 

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Density, sprawl, growth: how Australian cities have changed in the last 30 years

The great Australian baby boomer dream of home ownership caused our cities to spread out during the second half of the 20th century. Urban fringes expanded with affordable land releases, large residential blocks and cheap private transport. By the 1980s, across Australia’s cities, the urban fringes were ever-expanding. Inner areas had become sparsely populated “doughnut cities”.

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Framework for Research on Aboriginal Health and the Physical Environment

Cooperative Research Centre for Aboriginal Health

This paper summarises research in each area of the physical environment and highlights recommendations for research identified in the literature. It encompassed: environmental health, the urban environment, housing, maintenance, crowding, hygiene, water supply, waste disposal and drainage, swimming pools, dog health, roads and transport, energy, communication, climate and temperature, dust, pests and feral animals, land management, food supply, environmental health workforce, and trauma.

The survey and review of existing research found that new research priorities should be in the urban environment, housing and areas directly related to housing, and water supply and sanitation. Many of the interventions reported in the literature are not based on either good evidence or good knowledge of Aboriginal people’s perceptions and needs. This points to the importance of setting research priorities based on environmental factors and health outcome evidence; then investigating Aboriginal people’s perceptions and needs in order to develop appropriate health strategies that take into account perceptions and behaviour relating to the physical environment.

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