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About Housing Hub WA

Shelter WA has operated in Western Australia since 1979 as the peak housing body for affordable housing and homelessness.

Shelter WA aims to be an effective voice on housing issues by providing information, consulting with the sector and housing consumers, and undertaking quality research into housing related issues and concerns.

The work of Shelter WA is directed towards the elimination of homelessness and housing related poverty and ensuring every person in Western Australia has access to secure, adequate and appropriate housing within their capacity to pay in the public, private or community housing sectors.

Shelter WA is committed to the presence and extension of choice in the articulation of Government housing policy and therefore to the availability of a range of housing options for people on a low income and those with special needs.

Shelter WA is part of National Shelter, Australia’s national peak housing advocacy organisation.  Shelter organisations in each state and territory sit on the National Shelter Council, together with representatives from Homelessness Australia, the National Association of Tenant Organisations and the Community Housing Federation of Australia, to contribute to National Shelter’s research, policy development and advocacy.   National Shelter works closely with other national organisations such as the Australian Council of Social Services.  The National Shelter Council is also a member of the National Affordable Housing Summit Group, the Community Organisations Housing Alliance and the campaign group Australians for Affordable Housing.