Older renters living on the edge

This report, produced in collaboration with Council on the Ageing WA and a Reference Group of key WA agencies and individuals, highlights the rapidly growing problems facing many older people in WA.

The research found that there are many older renters struggling to the extent that they are doing without the daily essentials of life such as food, heating, medications and aged care services to ensure they keep a roof over their head. 

[L-R] Luke Garswood CEO of Connect Victoria Park and 

They are a hidden group that are putting up with enormous hardship while constantly under the stress of being, as an older person interviewed stated, "one rent increase from disaster". Older women who have experienced gender disadvantage due to discrimination and lower levels of savings are particularly impacted. Importantly the report identifies solutions to address the critical housing and service responses needed to help older people in WA who are struggling in poverty, hardship and at constant risk of homelessness. Shelter WA looks forward to working with the reference group to progress the report’s recommendations. A copy of the report can be found here.

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